My name is Amandine Grulois, 31 years old from Belgium (Ghent)

If you're acquainted with me, you might be aware that I employ photography as a form of therapy, both for myself and others. For four years, I grappled with depression and eating disorders, harboring little self-love. I managed to overcome my initial eating disorder and depression following an extended stay in a French clinic. Fast forward seven years, and through engaging in sports and capturing numerous images as a means of expressing my emotions, I was able to navigate through a second bout of depression and an eating disorder last year.

Deep within, I feel the time has come to share my journey because I believe that speaking out could potentially help us reclaim some of what we've lost. I perceive mental health as a delicate balance, and we should endeavor to undertake activities that aid us in finding equilibrium, each and every day. It's alright to falter at times; it might signify a need for rest, a pause, a bit more self-love, or a multitude of other factors that can serve to reinforce positivity. I have faith in the potency of change.

No negative thought is conclusive, and neither is any destination; we are continually evolving.

Although my work is profoundly personal, it remains accessible, delving into the essence of human nature and allowing the observer to immerse themselves in my world, prompting reflection on their own body and mindset. It serves as a daily prompt, shared with the world through Instagram, encouraging contemplation on freedom, nudity, existence, and possession. The culmination of my work is not solely directed towards those with an interest in photography and art, but perhaps even more so towards individuals grappling with eating disorders, self-love, psychological ailments, and those intrigued by observing themselves or loved ones from a different perspective.
Warm regards,
Amandine Grulois
My mission is to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health and body issues by amplifying inspirational narratives and revealing the genuine individuals obscured by these labels.

Through collecting a diverse array of stories and crafting visual representations based on these shared experiences, I aim to cultivate greater understanding and empathy towards mental health challenges and diseases.

Ultimately, my goal is to compile these poignant stories into a book that serves as a beacon of awareness.Additionally, I organize photo exhibitions as a platform to amplify our collective voices and share our stories with the world.

If you or someone you know has grappled with mental health issues or body dysphoria, whether in the past or present, I invite you to share your story with me. Your journey, whether one of recovery, ongoing struggle, or anything in between, is invaluable and can provide solace and support to others navigating similar paths. If you prefer to maintain anonymity, I can arrange for a model to represent your story. Every narrative is unique and has the potential to alleviate the sense of isolation that often accompanies these challenges.

If you are interested and want your story to become a picture, please contact me by email at ag.phototherapy@gmail.com or on my Instagrampage ; amandine.grulois