My name is Amandine Grulois, 30 years old from Belgium.

If you’re familiar with me, you may know that I use photography as a form of therapy for myself and others. Four years of my life I have struggled with a depression and an eating disorder with no self love at all. I finally succeeded in overcoming my first eating disorder and depression after a long-term stay in a French clinic. Now we’re seven years later and by doing a lot of sports and taking many pictures as a way to communicate about how I was feeling, I was able to recover from a second depression/eating disorder last year.

I feel deep down that it’s about time to share my story because I believe speaking up might help us repair some of what’s been lost.I consider our mental health as a scale and we should try to do things that help us find our balance, every single day. It’s ok to be off sometimes, it could signal a need for rest, a break, some more self love or many things that can positively reinforce you. I believe in the power of change. No negative thought is final and no destination either, we are constantly evolving.

Though my work is deeply personal, it is also accessible, addressing human nature and allowing the viewer to enter my world and reflect on their own body and mindset. A daily reminder, shared with the world via Instagram, to reflect on freedom, nudity, being and having.The outcome is not only addressed to those who are interested in photography and art, maybe even more to those who are in touch with eating disorders, self love, psychological disorders and interested in seeing themselves or loved ones from a different point of view.
My project/work is to help end the stigma attached to mental health issues by sharing inspirational stories and portraying the real people behind these labels. It’s a way to collect a range of stories and create visual reminders based on what people share with me, to ultimately help raise awareness around mental health issues and eating disorders. My intention is to make a book with al our beautiful stories! I also hold photo exhibitions to shout our stories the world ouuutttt!

If you or a loved one have ever struggled with mental health or body dysphoria in one way or another than I would love to hear your story. Whether you’ve already recovered, now or years ago, or are still going through the process. I can even find somebody else to model for you if you prefer to keep your story confidential. Every single story is unique and it may help somebody else feel less alone in their struggle.

If you are interested and want your story to become a picture, please contact me by email at ag.phototherapy@gmail.com or on my Instagrampage ; amandine.grulois