Peek into my world of inspiration, discover the beauty within yourself or learn more about my artistic process. "God Is A Naked Soul" - project to remind ourselves that we are beautiful no matter what! And.. let's be honest. We all need that reminder once in a while!

My goal is to empower women, men, x and I discovered in a time of personal crisis and doubt that my pictures could do more than flatter; they could strengthen too. The shoot is an exchange of energy between the model and me. I share my story, and they are sharing theirs. It's something very natural. For me; a selfloveshoot is to celebrate who you are and the way you see yourself and choose to express yourself too.I'm photographing their strengths, and they're releasing their own personal power!

My project/work is to help end the stigma attached to mental health issues by sharing inspirational stories and portraying the real people behind these labels. It’s a way to collect a range of stories and create visual reminders based on what people share with me, to ultimately help raise awareness around mental health issues.