Phototherapy, photo..what? Ok let me explain a bit! :)

As a therapist and photographer, I harness the transformative power of (naked) photography to revolutionize perceptions about the body and mind.

My mission is to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health issues by sharing inspiring narratives and showcasing the authentic individuals behind these labels. Through my work, I aim to create visual narratives that celebrate natural beauty and empower those who step in front of my lens.

My projects serve as a platform for sharing diverse stories and fostering awareness around mental health issues. Utilizing photography as a therapeutic tool, I collaborate with adults and young adults grappling with mental illnesses such as burnout, PTSD, depression, eating disorders, as well as individuals undergoing significant life changes. My personal sessions are inclusive and open to all genders, couples, introverts, extroverts, and individuals at any stage of life. Whether seeking support for self-love, confidence-building, body image acceptance, or simply a celebration of self, my photography sessions offer a space for exploration and healing.

By capturing images that celebrate, explore, honor, and imagine the naked human form, I aim to promote self-acceptance and strengthen self-esteem.Looking ahead, I aspire to deepen my exploration of therapeutic photography and conduct more workshops in the future.

My ultimate goal is to evoke empowering emotions and experiences through my work. During each session, there's room for you to connect with yourself, your body, and your mind, allowing us to co-create art that captures your authenticity. It's a space for you to push past self-criticism and self-consciousness, embracing your true self. The intentions behind each session can vary, whether it's to experience the session itself, to cherish the end product, or to create a reminder of your beauty and authenticity. Every photograph serves as a testament to your journey and a celebration of your unique existence.